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Jul 2022   

Spencer Scott has joined the group this summer! Spencer spent the first half of this summer doing research in Dr. Meli's group

Jul 2022   

The group sadly said goodbye to Brad Isenor, Jill Downey, and Gloria Simmons. Brad and Jill are both heading to the University of Toronto to start their graduate degrees in Chemistry. Gloria is heading to Spain to start a degree in Environmental Engineering. Best of luck!

Jun 2022   

Jenny presented the work of Brad Isenor and Jill Downey at the CCCE 2022 conference in Calgary. See photo here

Jun 2022   

Sushi night! See photo here

May 2022   

Jill Downey, Gloria Simmons, and Amelia Williams were awarded Best Student Presentations in their respective divisions at Chem Conn 2022 (see award winner list here)! Well done Jill, Gloria, and Amelia! 

May 2022   

Jill Downey, Brad Isenor, and Gloria Simmons have graduated with Honours Bachelor of Science!!! Congratulation! See photos from convocation here

May 2022   

This summer in the group: Lucas Lynch, Sam Whidden, and Amelia Williams have started their honours 4th-year research projects; incoming 3rd-year students Zoe Lindensmith and Isaac McCardle are gaining research experience; Jill Downey, Brad Isenor, and Gloria Simmons have returned to the group...

Apr 2022   

Brad Isenor has been awarded a NSERC CGS-M (info here)! Congraduations Brad!!! 

Apr 2022   

Jill Downey have been awarded a C. David Naylor University Fellowship (info here)!  Congratulations Jill!!!

Mar 2022   

Brad, Gloria, and Jill presented on Honours Poster Day.  See photos here. 

Mar 2022   

Lucas Lynch and Amelia Williams have been award the Independent Study Research Grant and Sam Whidden have been awarded a departmental grant to start their honours research this summer! Congratulations Lucas, Amelia, and Sam! 

Mar 2022   

Zoe Lindensmith and Jenny have been a New Brunswich Health Research Foundation's Summer Studentship grant to investigate health impacts of wildfire aerosols! Congratulations Zoe! 

Sep 2021   

Khandra Barrett and Sophie Ngo joined the group as independent studies (fall) course student!

May 2021    

Jillian Downey, Brad Isenor, Gloria Simmons, and Amelia Williams, all MtA Chemistry undergrads, have joined the group this summer! 

Apr 2021      

Brad Isenor was awarded Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) funds! The funded field work in Iqualuit (to collect ambient aerosol particles) is postponed until next year due to travel restrictions. Congrats Brad!

Mar 2021   

Jillian Downey, Brad Isenor, were awarded the Independent Study Research Grants! This will fund their work this summer that will be instrumental towards their honours thesis! Congrats Jill and Brad! 

Jan 2021         

Megan Fitzgerald and Cole Smolensky joined the group as an independent studies (winter) course students! Welcome Meg and Cole!   

Sep 2020   

Bryn Scott joined the group as an independent studies (fall) course student! Welcome Bryn!   

Jun 2020    

First group dinner at Tide and Boar in Moncton! See photos here. 

May 2020   

Jillian Downey, Brad Isenor, Kate Leslie, and Sophie Ngo, all MtA Chemistry undergrads, have joined the group this summer! Jill and Kate will also be spending half of their time in Dr. Meli's group! 

May 2020  

Jenny's paper, titled, "Fine Particle Iron in Soils and Road Dust is Modulated by Coal-Fire Power    Plant Sulfur" is accepted for publication in Environmental Science & Technology!  

Jan 2020 

Megan Fitzgerald and Alex Stockli, both MtA Chemistry undergrads, have joined the group as    Independent Studies Students. Welcome, Megan and Alex! 

Aug 2019   

Dr. Jenny Wong has started her position as an assistant professor in the Chem. & Biochem. Department! 

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