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Postdoctoral Work

Light absorption by brown carbon over the South-East Atlantic Ocean

Zhang, L.; Segal-Rozenhaimer, M.; Che, H.; Dang, C.; Sedlacek, A.J.; Lewis, E.R.; Dobracki, A.; Wong, J.P.S.; Howell, S.G.; Nenes, A.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22, 9199-9213. 

Biomass burning and marine aerosol processing over the southeast Atlantic Ocean: a TEM single particle analysis

Dang, C.; Segal-Rozenhaimer, M.; Che, H.; Zhang, L.; Formenti, P.; Taylor, J.; Dobracki, A.; Purdue, S.; Wong, J.P.S.; Nenes, A.; Sedlacek, A.J.; Coe, H.; Redemann, J.; Zuidema, P.; Haywood, J.  

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22, 9389-9412. 

An overview of the ORACLES (ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS) project: aerosol–cloud–radiation interactions in the southeast Atlantic basin

Redemann, J.; Wood, R.; Zuidema, P.; Doherty, S.J.; Luna, B.; LeBlanc, S.E.; Diamond, M.S.; Shinozuka, Y.; Chang, I.Y; Ueyama, R.; Pfister, L.; Ryoo, J-M.; Dobracki, A.N.; DaSilva, A.M.; Longo, K.M.; Kacenelenbogen, M.S.; Pistone, K.; Knox, N.M.; Piketh, S.J.; Haywood, J.M.; Formenti, P.; Mallet, M.; Stier, P.; Ackerman, A.S.; Carmichael, G.R.; Saide, P.E.; Ferrada, G.A.; Howell, S.G; Freitag, S.; Cairns, B.; Holben, B.N.; Knobelspiesse, K.D.; Tanelli, S.; L’Ecuyer, T.S.; Dzambo, A.M.; Sy, O.O.; McFarquhar, G.M.; Poellot, M.R.; Gupta, S.; O’Briwn, J.R.; Nenes, A.; Kacarab, M.E.; Wong, J.P.S.; Small-Griswold, J.D.; Thornhill, K.L.; Noone, D.; Podolske, J.R.; Schmidt, K.S.; Pilewskie, P.; Chen, H.; Cochrane, S.P.; Sedlacek, A.J.; Lang, T.J.; Stith, E.; Segal-Rozenhaimer, M.; Ferrare, R.A.; Burton, S.P.; Hostetler, C.A.; Diner, D.J.; Platnick, S.E.; Myers, J.S.; Meyer, K.G.; Spangenberg, D.A.; Maring, H.; Gao, L.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 1507-1563, 2021.

Fine Particle Iron in Soils and Road Dust Is Modulated by Coal-Fired Power Plant Sulfur

Wong, J.P.S.; Yang, Y.; Fang, T.; Mulholland, J.A.;  Russell, A.G.; Ebelt, S.; Nenes, A.; Weber, R.J.

Environmental Science & Technology, 54, 7088-7096, 2020.

Chemical Composition and Toxicity of Particles Emitted from a Consumer-Level 3D Printer Using Various Materials

Zhang, Q.; Pardo, M.; Rudich, Y.;  Kaplan-Ashiri, I.; Wong, J.P.S.; Davis. A.Y.; Black, M.S.; Weber, R.J.

Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (20), 12054-12061, 2019.

Effects of Atmospheric Processing on the Oxidative Potential of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosols

Wong, J.P.S.; Tsagaraki, M.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Violaki, K.; Kanakidou, M.; Nenes, A.; Weber, R.J.

Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (12), 6747-6756, 2019.

Characterization of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Consumer Level Material Extrusion 3D Printers and Their Relationship with Particle Emissions

Davis, A.; Zhang, Q.; Wong, J.P.S.; Weber, R.J.; Black, M.

Building and Environment, 160, 106209, 2019.

Atmospheric Evolution of Molecular-Weight Separated Brown Carbon from Biomass Burning

Wong, J.P.S.; Tsagaraki, M.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Violaki, K.; Kanakidou, M.; Sciare, J.; Nenes, A.; Weber, R.J.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19, 7319-7334, 2019.

Investigating particle emissions and aerosol dynamics from a consumer fused deposition modeling 3D printer with a lognormal moment aerosol model

Zhang, Q.; Sharma, G.; Wong, J.P.S.; Davis, A.Y.; Black, M.S.; Biswas, P.; Weber, R.J.

Aerosol Science and Technology, 52 (10), 1099-1111, 2018.

Changes in Light Absorptivity of Molecular Weight Separated Brown Carbon due to Photolytic Aging

Wong, J.P.S.; Nenes, A.; Weber, R.J.

Environmental Science & Technology, 51 (15), 8414-8421, 2017.

Characterization of Particle Emissions from Consumer Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printers

Zhang, Q.; Wong, J.P.S.; Davis, A.; Black, M.; Weber, R. J.

Aerosol Science and Technology, 51 (11), 1275-1286, 2017.

Graduate Work

Heterogeneous oxidation of particulate methane sulfonic acid by the hydroxyl radical: kinetics and atmospheric implications

Mungall, E.L.; Wong, J.P.S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2 (1), 48-55, 2018.

Observations and Impacts of Bleach Washing on Indoor Air Chlorine Chemistry

Wong, J.P.S.; Carslaw, N.; Zhao, R.; Zhou, S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Indoor Air, 27 (6), 1082-1090, 2017.

The Role of Aerosol Liquid Water in Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Volatile Organic Compounds

Faust, J.A.; Wong, J.P.S.; Lee, A.K.Y.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (12), 6747-6756, 2017.

Impacts of Sulfate Seed Acidity and Water Content on Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

Wong, J.P.S.; Lee, A.K.Y.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Environmental Science & Technology, 49 (22), 13215-13221, 2015.

A Marine Biogenic Source of Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particles

Wilson, T.W.; Ladino, L.A.; Alpert, P.; Breckels, M.N.; Brooks, L.M.; Browse, J.; Burrows, S.M.; Carslaw, K.S.; Huffmann, J.A.; Judd, C.; Kilthau, W.P.; Mason, R.; McFiggans, G.; Miller, L.A.; Najera, J.; Polishchuck, E.; Rae, S.; Schiller, C.; Si, M.; Vergara Temprado, J.; Whale, T.F.; Wong, J.P.S.; Wurl, O.; Yakobi-Hancock, J.D.; Abbatt, J.P.D.; Aller, J.Y.; Bertram, A.K.; Knopf, D.; Murrary, B.J.

Nature, 525 (7568), 234, 2015.

Formation of Hydroxyl Radicals from Photolysis of Secondary Organic Aerosol Material

Badali, K.M.; Zhou, S.; Aljawhary, D.; Antinolo, M.; Chen, W.J.; Lok, A.; Mungall, E.; Wong, J.P.S.; Zhao, R.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15, 7831-7840, 2015.

Changes in Secondary Organic Aerosol Composition and Mass due to Photolysis: Relative Humidity Dependence

Wong, J.P.S.; Zhou, S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

J. Physical Chemistry A, 119 (19), 4309-4316, 2015.

Suppression in Droplet Growth Kinetics by the Addition of Organics to Sulfate Particles

Wong, J.P.S.; Liggio, J.; Li, S.-M.; Nenes, A.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

J. Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 119 (21), 12222-12232, 2014.

CCN Activity of Size-Selected Aerosols at a Pacific Coastal Location

Yakobi-Hancock, J.D., Ladino, L.A., Mason, R., Bertram, A.K.; Schiller, C.; Leaitch, W.R., Toom-Sauntry, D.; Jones, K.; Wong, J.P.S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 12307-12317, 2014.

Temperature-Dependent Accumulation Mode Particles and Cloud Nuclei Concentrations from Biogenic Sources during WACS2010

Ahlm, L.; Shakya, K.M.; Russell, L.M.; Schroder, J.C.; Wong, J.P.S., Sjostedt, S.J.; Hayden, K.L.; Liggio, J.; Wentzell, J.J.B.; Wiebe, H.A.; Mihele, C.; Leaitch, W.R.; Macdonald, A.M.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13, 3393-3407, 2013.

Real-time, Controlled OH-initiated Oxidation of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol

Slowik, J.G.; Wong, J.P.S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 9775-9790, 2012.

Nucleation and Condensational Growth to CCN Sizes during a Sustained Pristine Biogenic SOA Event in a Forested Mountain Valley

Pierce, J.R.; Leaitch, W.R.; Liggio, J.; Westervelt, D.M.; Wainwright, C.D.; Abbatt, J.P.D.; Ahlm, L.; Al-Basheer, W.; Cziczo, D.J.; Hayden, K.L.; Lee, A.K.Y.; LI, S.-M., Li; Russell, L.M.; Sjostedt, S.J.; Strawbridge, K.B.; Travis, M.; Vlansenko, A.; Wentzell, J.J.B.; Wiebe, H.A.; Wong, J.P.S.; Macdonald, A.M.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 3147-3163, 2012.

Oxidation of Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol by Hydroxyl Radical: Effects on Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity

Wong, J.P.S.; Lee, A.K.Y.; Slowik, J.G.; Cziczo, D.J.; Leaitch, W.R.; MacDonald, A.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Geophysical Research Letters, 38 (22), L22805, 2011.

Characterization of Aerosol Photooxidation Flow Reactors: Heterogeneous Oxidation, Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity Measurements

Lambe, A.T.; Ahern, A.T.; Williams, L.R.; Slowik, J.G.; Wong, J.P.S.; Abbatt, J.P.D., Brune, W.H.; Ng, N.L.; Wright, J.P.; Croasdale, D.R.; Worsnop, D.R.; Onasch, T.B.

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 4, 445-461, 2011.

Book Chapter

The Role of Water in Organic Aerosol Multiphase Chemistry: Focus on Partitioning and Reactivity, Chapter 2 in Advances in Chemistry of the Contemporary Atmosphere: Volume 1

Zhao, R.; Lee, A.K.Y.; Wang, C.; Wania, F.; Wong, J.P.S.; Zhou, S.; Abbatt, J.P.D.

Baker, J.R. and Steiner, A.L. (eds), World Scientific Publishing Company, 2016.

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